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Data Entry Skills Test

The Data Entry Skills Test measures how quickly and accurately data can be entered on a PC. Candidates enter data into fields on the screen. Three standard forms are included with the test package (each with a standard and alternate version). Two consist of a mix of text and numeric fields such as name, address, SSN, and phone number. The third consists of numeric fields only and is ideal for testing 10-key speed and accuracy.

If you prefer, you can design your own customized data form with up to 30 separate fields. You can include text and numeric fields, field labels, and immutable characters, e.g., slashes in a date field. Results include gross speed, errors, and net speed.

A validation study conducted with data entry clerks from several US companies shows significant correlations between test scores and supervisors' ratings of performance.

Some of the options and features...

  • View results as words per minute, keystrokes per minute, or keystrokes per hour.
  • Applicant instructions can be customized.
  • Create your own data entry test to administer (text and/or numbers).
  • Adjust the time for the practice test and test.
  • Test results are retained until you delete them
  • Automatic comparison of test scores to data entry norm groups.